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Dear POCUS enthusiastic!

Welcome to your next EDUS rotation. This is your chance to consolidate what you have learned & practiced at Core POCUS course. It is your best opportunity to master image generation & interpretation.


How would this rotation be structured?

You will be assigned (Two residents per site) to a POCUS instructor at 4 different hospitals (one week per hospital). During your week assignment, the instructor will spend minimum of 8 hrs in direct supervision to observe and correct your hand coordination and soon-anatomy. The remaining time is spend to practice solely and achieve the minimum required number. All the images obtained individually MUST be reviewed and signed-off by your supervisor. Only images/videos that meets the “Minimum Image Requirements” will be signed off.

Every Thursday, we will have POCUS Mini-RAA at AFH-ED starting 7:30 am.

These are your training sites and focal point instructor at each site:

* POCUS Mini RAA: This will occur on weekly basis (on Thursday 7:30 - 10:00) unless otherwise specified. All residents doing EDUS rotation should attend. During this RAA, we will have didactic sessions, scanning reviews, journal clubs, machine maintenance etc. Each one will be assigned a topic to present every week.


Expectations in this rotation:

Receive a Minimum of 8 hours of 1:1 Supervised scanning per week.

- Liaise with site supervisor for your shift duties one week prior to starting the rotation.

- Please don’t forget to log all your scans in your E.logbook and get your supervisor signature on them. To be credentialed as competent US practitioner, you need to complete:

- FAST (50 scans)

- Lung (pneumothorax & Pleural Effusion) (10 scans)

- Basic ECHO (25 scans)

- Assessment for AAA (50 scans)

- DVT (25 scans)

- Gallbladder (25 scans)

- Renal (25 scans)

ALL above scans MUST be completed by the end of the block (a rotation outcome measure).

Attend the weekly POCUS Mini-RAA.

To prepare you for the practical exam

Complete your end of rotation ultrasound exam

What to do to gain the most out of this rotation?

  1. Review your Core POCUS course notes & technique for scanning the 7 modules (FAST, LUNG, AAA, DVT, RENAL, Gall bladder and BASIC ECHO). Come prepared, so that more time is spent on hands-on practice and improving your technique rather than learning the technique again.

  2. Review the POCUS tutorials. This will be an excellent review of the modules and covers all the basics and technique of the modules.


In Summary, the requirements for satisfactory completion of this rotation are:
  • Attend all Mini - RAA sessions

  • Complete all required scans (see point 1 above for numbers)

  • Review and Sign all your scans with your supervisor on weekly basis.

  • Pass the End of rotation exam.


Eligibility for Instructor Potential (IP):

At the end of each EDUS Rotation, supervisors will recommend who is eligible to be an IP. It is similar to other courses like ACLS and ATLS. We generally look at knowledge (does the resident have adequate knowledge and understanding of ultrasound concepts and be able to explain it simply).

We look at skills : consistency and competency (able to do the scans without supervision).

Finally attitudes: interest and willingness to do more than just the minimum requirements.

Enjoy scanning

Mohamed Alshamsi



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